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I started to specialize in PowerBI in 2017, it was quite new and seemed like a oppertunity for my company where I work at. Therefore I tried it out on our CMDB and other databases, such as the incident management tool database to monitor our incidents and more. The cool thing about PowerBI is that you can combine multiple sources within one report, making one powerful report.



With Talend you can make alot of data work together. The tool does take some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, trust me its worth it if you need to work a lot with data. It's easy to combine multiple sources and make them flow with eachother. Talend is a ETL tool, therefore its possible to change the input and change it to your liking. When data does not work with eachother, most of the time, when the data is consistent you can still let data work with eachother. I feed the CMDB with thousands of record a day at my work, im literally doing the work of multiple people alone, let automation do the work for you!



Got to honest with y'all. I didn't understand a bit of SQL on school, the definition of normalization and such, I just thought it was boring. But once I started to see the potential and possibilities with SQL query's on work, I'ved learned alot in weeks, just because I had a goal. I even started to enjoy working with SQL queries. Not only have I learned to work with MySQL, i learned to work with PostgreSQL and other sources too.



I started using HTML and CSS on a profile website for teens. You could create your own personal page over there, and I always enjoyed to experiment with the capability's with HTML and CSS. I can almost dream HTML and CSS thats how good I can remember them, thats how much I've used it over the years. Later on I learned to work with Wordpress and PHP. I learned to work with Wordpress templates at first, after that I've developed a completely graphical overview website for my work, build with my experience of HTML, CSS, PHP and query knowledge.



In the early days when I was 13 years old, working on personal profile pages and chatted on MSN, I designed pictures and emoticons, tuned cars and lots more creative stuff. A few years later it became more serious, I started developing/designing websites and even made some money out of it. As a hobby photographer I used photoshop for my pictures too.



Photography has been a hobby for me and nothing more. My main subject was car photography. Taking pictures of tuned and special cars is what I really enjoyed, although I almost stopped doing this, you never forget the techniques. I was/am quite good at it too, and love to do it!

About this website

I decided to build my own website from scratch, just because I can and because I love to build my own stuff. Besides, I can represent myself to the world wide web like this. Its completely written by myself. The website has been put together as minimalistic as possible, using minimal codes and a sleek design.



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